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We will treat you with the respect you deserve. They will guide you to hearing your best again. They specialize in working with the most advanced treatment plans and hearing technology available.

Central Auditory Processing Disorders

In patients with central auditory processing disorders, there is a problem with the brain regions that process sound. The ears and nerve pathways are healthy, and patients have a normal response to isolated tones on...


Schedule Your Appointment Today   Tinnitus is the perception of noise that usually lacks an external cause. (In some cases, a sound that’s normally imperceptible, such as your own pulse, can be abnormally amplified.) Some...

Hearing Aids

   There are many choices in hearing aid technology. We understand that you want someone who truly cares about you to help you understand your options. That’s why we’re here.   Schedule Your Appointment Today...

How We Help People Everyday

Dr. Dawn Heiman works hard to help guide you to a happier life: a life with better hearing.

Our office works with people of all walks of life who are concerned about their hearing.  Many tell us that they are frustrated that they no longer can participate in conversations at restaurants and they have difficulties understanding the tv and movies.

We have a long-term treatment approach that begins the first day you meet us. We work with you and create an individualized auditory therapy program to help increase your abilities to hear your friends and family again.  Sometimes it includes hearing aids and sometimes it doesn’t.


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Your Hearing is very important

Engaging in life through hearing sounds and conversations can make you happier.
Friends don’t let friends go to the wrong place for their hearing care.
I'm frustrated.  Once again, yesterday, I met a new patient who said she wished she'd known about us sooner.  She'd been overcharged and under served...
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Tips for the most memorable Thanksgiving yet!
As our family is taking a break and trekking to my hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania, I have been reflecting on how I can make the...
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Can Everyone Get the Smallest Hearing Aid? Maybe Not.
“Can I get the smallest hearing aid?  I see it in advertisements everywhere.” At least once a week, I meet someone new in my office...
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Do you Believe? Can you Hear the Bells?
I was watching the movie the "Polar Express" with my two sons the other evening.  It is a popular animated movie with Tom Hanks playing...
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Hearing Loops for Chicago Suburbs
Large meeting areas, churches, and public transportation centers should be looped for the hearing impaired.  In Europe, a large portion of public venues are looped....
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Links between your Ears and your Brain?

We Can Help
Link between Exercise and Your Hearing
A recent study from Bringham and Women's Hospital is reporting women can reduce the risk of developing hearing loss if they walk regularly and maintain a...
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One day at a time
In this day in age when we all seem to have endless "to do" lists and are constantly trying to keep up with simply the...
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It was reported yesterday on NBC's Today Show that the highest risk factor for hearing loss is noise.  The Doctor of Audiology urges, and I...
Cognition and Your Hearing
Our abilities to maintain our brain function can be directly linked to our senses.  If we stop listening to sounds, we can limit our abilities...
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